Transform your desktop into an art gallery.

Artpip is an application for macOS and Windows that will periodically update your desktop background with the world's greatest fine art and photography.

Stick with our editor-curated featured collection, or take control of what kind of art you see, and more, with your own custom collections.

Thanks for hunting Artpip! I made the app after getting tired of changing my background manually and had been wanting to learn more about art for a long time. It's been great to discover so many new artists and artworks, both making the app and using it. I hope you all enjoy it, too! And as a special thanks - if anyone feels like ordering a print, enter PRODUCTHUNT at checkout for 20% off your oder.
Caught this project on Reddit and loved it. The app gives you a new piece of art as your desktop each day and if you dig it, you can buy a print. I'm a big fan of using open desktop & browser real estate to inspire, but this does that *and* makes it shoppable.
Wow, this is SO cool!!! I love art so much, I technically have too much of it on my walls... I realize this is a v1.0 but I have a few ideas for you: 1. In the Customize mode, more granularity for the Change every: make it user selectable to whatever they want from 5 mins to 24 hours - personally I'd pick 4hr and then I'd use it as a gentle reminder that I've been working for like 4hrs straight on the computer :/ 2a. In the Customize mode, more granularity - add an option for Country of Origin: United States, Italy, France, Germany, United Kingdom... maybe give ability to add Keywords and suggest the top 10? 2b. In the Customize mode, more granularity - add an option for Art Style: Impressionist, Pointillism, Fauvism, Figurative, Abstract, Realism... maybe give ability to add Keywords and suggest the top 10? [personally I highly dislike Realism and Photorealism] 2c. In the Customize mode, more granularity - add an option for Themes: Mountains, Flow/Tide [Water], Portraits, Landscapes, Still Life... maybe give ability to add Keywords and suggest the top 25? 3. The ability to not JUST Heart something but give it your own rating 1-10 Stars? [which you could then down the road extract to something [maybe Excel or some other place/format] 4. Fixing of the Heart look - at the moment it's White or Dark Grey heart on a Reddish Square background, how about: unselected: White heart outline [maybe 2-3px line] on a Reddish Square Outline [maybe 2-3px line], selected: what you have now - White on a Reddish Square background, 5. In the Menu, announce tomorrow's/the next piece of Art. Also it's a bit odd to say Today's / Tomorrow's if someone has selected 1 hr Change every increment... 6. The ability to make a certain artist's work no longer appear - I know some artists that I JUST don't like - not one of their pieces, it's OK, it's Art, but I'd rather not see them and it would annoy me for sure... so some mechanism from the Menu to a. Skip [if I am willing to see more] [I guess currently your Next Artwork] and b. Skip and Block or whatever you want to call it. 7. Add a Menu shortcut for Ordering a Reproduction. On that note, there is a bug on the website relating to buying a print, if you connect with me, i'll walk you through how to find it. 8. Also, I am by no means an Expert on programming but 134mg seems rather large and it seems to be 90% in the Electron Framework, any way to optimize that... In another area, I can help you with image optimization [no loss of quality], where there is definitely something you can do inside the Artpip package. Keep up the great work!!! I now have a new piece of art to inspire me about every so often....
@emmanuel_lemor Thank you for all the amazing feedback - some great stuff in there! I've reached out on Twitter to follow up. More control over what kind of art you see is definitely my number one priority. The filters that exist at the moment were easy to implement as I already had the data for all artworks in my database. I plan on adding the ability to filter by subject/style in the future but this will require some machine learning first :) With regards to the installation size - sadly that's just one of the side effects of using Electron. No images are bundled with the installation itself.
@tom_j_watson Cool... Looking forward to v1.x and if you have a Beta List, don't hesitate to add me to it... however if you open the Package and search, there ARE images in there ;) [just not Background Art images] and those can be optimized :p
Just downloaded it, really like it so far! Looking forward learning more about art and maybe even filling my room with some of these prints!
Update: Been using it for a few days. Great integration and always a fun surprise. I'm having trouble opening the application. If I just click on it, it won't open. The only way I've discovered to open it is to launch it via terminal by opening package contents. For mac. Can you eventually integrate social platforms so I can share my favorite twitter/pintrest straight from the app? That way more traffic to artpip site. @Tom_J_Watson