Artpaper for iOS

Art wallpapers from the world's best galleries in 5K.

Artpaper brings some of the world's finest art to your home screen. Browse through 1,300+ artworks in Retina quality and set them as wallpapers. Absolutely for free.
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3 Reviews1.7/5
Hola makers & hunters! Right after a massive revamp of Artpaper for macOS a few months ago, we realized that not only Macs can get a makeover with our hand-picked art. iPhones and especially iPads can benefit, too. We spent 2 months trying to design the most simple wallpaper app in the App Store. I hope we managed to do it. However, it's you who'll decide if that's true :) Artpaper lets you browse through our whopping collection of artworks and set them as wallpapers. You can also schedule reminders. Artpaper will pick a new artwork and send to you in a notification, so you'll never forget to keep your home screen fresh. All the artworks are also available for preview on our site. The app will be available for free for a few weeks as a launch courtesy. Feel free to ask questions and share feedback in the comments! :)
I need another iOS device to test this. Upvoted blindly.
@pavlo_pedenko share it with friends with iOS :)
Super excited about this one, gonna try it out now!
@annaiarotska nice! Looking forward to your feedback on it and on the macOS version ;)
Love the simplicity of the app. It does what it's supposed to clearly without fuss. Perfect.
@notinthelamp super happy to hear you love it! We did our best to make as simple as possible!
Happy to see you launch! The app is simply great and I love it.