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Art wallpapers from the world's best galleries. 5K quality.

#2 Product of the DayMay 27, 2019
Turn your Mac's desktop into an art exhibition.
Artpaper puts over 1,300 artworks on your Mac's desktop. Featuring the world's most renowned galleries. See a fresh background as often as you want, all-automatic. Step up your art knowledge.
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Hi hunters, Artpaper was born as a get-away-from-Mate Translate project three years ago. I and @liakh_andrii wanted to liven up our Mac's backgrounds and found quite an elegant way to do so with artworks 🖼🎨 Art is what people have been doing for ages. A lot of things have been accomplished in that area, yet we only see it in galleries. If it at least were often but is it? Artpaper puts a boatload art from some of the world's top-tier galleries on your Mac. It's an easy way to: 1. See fresh wallpapers as often as you want (hourly to monthly). 2. Catch up on your art education. For over a month we've been working on this massive overhaul. To address the growing popularity of large high-density monitors, all artworks are available in 5K quality now 💎 If you're interested to learn more about the app's quite rich history (IMHO), check out my Medium story: Kudos to @__tosh for featuring us 🙌
I like idea, but I would like to see all arts before buying. I think product page should include more examples.
@ariel_jedrzejczak we're planning to overhaul the landing page a bit later. It will also contain more examples of the available wallpapers. For now, you can check out our Instagram, we're posting 2 pics from our collection daily:
@ariel_jedrzejczak Thanks, Ariel, got you! It's gonna be pretty hard to include 1000+ images into the product description, though :)
@liakh_andrii It could be just some wall of thumbnails just to take a look. BTW all of images are CC0 licensed?
@ariel_jedrzejczak yeah, all of them are CC0
@alex_chernikov Nice Idea. I tried to find out how did you manage to scan/photograph these HiRes pictures. Because it is not easy at all to capture classic paintings without professional cameras and lights and of course private access to those arts. How did you get them? :)
@alex_chernikov @majidk Thanks. Majid. That's actually pretty easy, the museums make the photos themselves :)
@alex_chernikov @liakh_andrii I hope I am wrong. So tell me: you are not getting the scans from "Google Arts and Culture" that are free and under public license and offer them in an paid App?
@majidk What seems wrong for you in that approach?
@liakh_andrii so is my assumption true? Look I am not in a position here to say what is wrong or right about this ethical situation. But my opinion as an artist: The works of these great painting masters are already free; Cultural Institutions are trying for years to preserve these artifacts and then try to carefully scan and document these art pieces with a lot of effort and offer them free to the public. The process of scanning these pieces is not an easy one at all. So there you can see: a lot work had happened, from the artist, through the museums and then the team that documenting them, all for free. And you are trying to sell it and the end of the day (as if you just scanned all these works) with a price tag of 9.99$. So IMHO it is ethically wrong.
@liakh_andrii @majidk Couldn't agree more. I don't wanna be a dick, but I hope someone extracts the images from this app and upload them somewhere on a nice and free zip file. I think this is a post on /r/wallpapers, not a product.
I have Windows 😭😭😭
@thomas_lucyfer the good news is that we're planning on porting AP for other platforms, too!
Cool idea. I currently use the free Irvue mac app and then connect it to Upsplash and get new travel photos on my desktop every hour. I would recommend adding to your landing page and showing a gif of how it works or explain it more. If I randomly came to your site, I wouldn't know what it was about or how it works, or cost or anything.
@parag_r there's a youtube video showing more:
Basically, it updates your wallpaper on the interval (you can adjust it - from every 1h to every month). You can also update it manually from the menu bar window.
@alex_chernikov Yeah i saw but as a customer, i'm not going to click on it because I don't know what it is. Better to have some information to convince the customer to click on it. But thats just my 2 cents. Good luck!
@parag_r totally makes sense. We're going to improve the landing.