Change wallpapers on your Mac to gorgeous paintings

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Hi hunters! First of all, thanks @_jacksmith for hunting us. I would like to emphasize why our app is not like hundreds of other wallpaper apps on the Mac App Store. Wallpapers we suggest you are the best paintings and pieces of art (with an expired copyright, of course) from the best galleries and museums from all over the world. Yes, in Artpaper, cats, dogs, ladies or cars can't be set as a desktop pic. Currently, there are 7 collections of paintings, divided by its belonging to a certain gallery/museum. Overall, it is about 1000 paintings. And in the pop-up you can get the information about every painting that's on the desktop now and its author. Updating wallpapers is also amazingly easy. The app either updates it automatically on interval or you press the refresh button and it sets a new one! I hope you will find it useful and dive into the world of art with us! :) Cheers, One of the makers of Artpaper, Alexey Chernikov.
@alex_chernikov @_jacksmith Now i feel i need to turn on classic music while looking at these paintings ;)
@ianatiev @_jacksmith it will be a separate app :)
Looks pretty well. Maybe you should pick regular photos from library and make it like prisma? =)
Pretty cool artwork!
Sadly not available in the UK Store. Are we out of the world already? #brexit
@vincentbir it's strange! We actually didn't eject it from the UK store (available in all stores). Might be an App Store issue...
@alex_chernikov It actually works but not via the iTunes link, for some reason.
Installed and already loving the wallpaper. Looking forward to my daily art education. I also noticed that clicking the name of painting on the system menu modal opens a Google search for it. Slick!