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Decorate your photos with imojis. Millions to choose from!

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Hey everyone! Daniel from imoji here. We're super excited to introduce the new artmoji feature to all of our imoji users. With artmoji, you can decorate your photos and choose from millions of imojis. Our team has had an absolute blast building and using artmoji and we think our users are going to love it too! Let me know if you have any questions or feedback -- happy to chat all things stickers and imoji!
Hi @danielbru, any examples of apps using your SDK to let users add memes on pictures (like stickers)?
Hi @ldesserrey! Our SDK launched last week and there's been a lot of interest from developers. Fleksy is integrating the SDK as we speak, and there are a lot of other developers that we're in talks with. Hope this helps!
@danielbru Thanks ✨ Congrats on the launch. That's awesome :)
how do you get started?