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Artmarq brings data-driven decision making to the $57 Billion a year art industry. It is a mobile first product made to track, analyse and broadcast all the deasl in Art Business. Artmarq App helps users to navigate the complex art market otherwise dubbed as ‘Exclusive’, ’Opaque’ and ‘Intimidating’ at a competitive price and on Mobile.

Hello everyone, Artmarq is made to bring data-driven decision making $57Billion-a-year art business. I am Akshay Jirage and I will be here to answer your questions if any regarding Artmarq iPhone app.
57 billion?
@eboy yes, according to recent TEFAF Art Market report it is that much and interestingly it has declined since 2015.
Who is this app targeted to? I've downloaded it but not clear how this is more functional than the primary sites in this field who have specific detailed information about pretty much any artist and auction prices etc.
@goldstrom thanks for downloading the app. It is targeted towards the generation X of art collectors and explorers. I agree that there are plenty of other sites are giving the information but they are for data nerds if not seasoned professionals. We are trying to solve problems with entry barrier to art business. This is just the beginning and much more is coming soon.
Artmarq is featured among industry heavy weights like Google and Prisma as one of the Top 10 AI companies in the Art Industry. More here
Artmarq is recently featured in this very interesting article which surveys AI opportunity in Art Market. "The rise of the AI artists and the companies that are set to cash in" by Natasha Bernal