Artist Messenger

A personalized messenger that engages music fans

Have conversations with your fans about new videos, general information, tour dates, or merchandising. Use our pre-built conversations or create your own.

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Why would you not just build your own bot? There are a lot of app out there that let you do that.
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@jacqvon worse, their bot doesn't even allow you to type queries to the artist. you have to choose from their menu of options to have any engagement with the artist at all. one can do MUCH BETTER for their asking price.
Love seeing a product that wants to make building audiences easier for artists! However, saying it takes "only 2,000 superfans" to ignite a career, is a little misleading. Superfans are the ones that would drive 100 miles in a blizzard to see you perform. Building an audience of superfans is doable, but it's hard work. There aren't any shortcuts. The idea behind this product might be genuine and good, but the marketing and messaging come off as a little snake oil salesman-y. Hope this feedback is helpful, should the makers see this and I'll be interested to see where this product goes from here!
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More features than competitors, better price.


Great features, fair price