Artificial Superintelligence

Build the world’s first sentient supercomputer

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Hi everyone! So excited to finally get Artificial Superintelligence out there, been working on this for over a year now. Of course all the other CARROT apps have had a bunch of game-like features, but building a proper game has always been a dream of mine. A choosable-path adventure that's part Silicon Valley startup comedy, part crazy scifi epic seemed like the perfect fit. Probably the coolest aspect is that you get to learn all this awesome stuff about how AI really works right now… and actually see all the ways it can be both good and bad for humanity in the future. So, for example, CARROT doesn’t ever “turn evil” like she would in a typical scifi story. Instead, her snarky personality develops in the same way that Microsoft’s Tay chatbot did last year, when internet trolls taught her to repeat insults. Everything in the game uses real-world examples like this, or is otherwise based on forecasts from top AI researchers. Of course, coming up with all 52 different endings was pretty fun too. Especially the one where your cat Captain Whiskers enslaves humanity.
Waiting for the Android version to be available for downloads
First game from @brianmueller333! The mastermind behind the super fun Carrot series of apps -
@robjama @brianmueller333 ha! The CARROT apps are ridiculous. Good example of building a brand with a consistent (incredibly rude) brand voice.
Waiting for an Android version
This will be a great evolution for AI industry