Articulating Design Decisions

Learn to explain your design decisions so people agree!

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Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell ·
Hey @tomgreever - thanks for posting this! Can you give us some insights please :) @timoreilly said : Articulating Design Decisions by @tomgreever will change the way designers talk about design here
Tom Greever
Tom GreeverMaker@tomgreever
@bentossell sure! One of the biggest challenges for designers is having to explain their decisions to other people. What's common is for managers, developers, or other stakeholders to disagree with our design decisions and ask us to make changes we disagree with. So we all need to be better at helping other people understand our decisions so they're compelled to agree with us. Actually, I have just as many developers, product owners, and even SEO consultants tell me that the books has helped them talk to clients about their choices.
Tom Greever
Tom GreeverMaker@tomgreever
I just added a video of a 30-minute talk I gave on the subject at Mad+UX this year.