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#3 Product of the DayJune 17, 2015
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I'm a fan of all things Bunny, Inc. Excited to try this out.
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@ryanpaugh Thanks Ryan! We appreciate your support and are eager to get your feedback once you've had a chance to try it. :)
@ryanpaugh thank you so much! Please take advantage of the discount to Product Hunters. Of course I'm happy to extend a benefit to the YEC community as well.
I've been using Voicebunny for a while and Articlebunny looks great. How do you screen the writers? Anybody can write for you guys?
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@freddier Thanks! Good question. Writers have to pass a pretty tough application process to write for us. In addition to that screening process, we also check every piece of writing that's submitted for quality before allowing it to be sent to our client (just like we do with voice overs on VoiceBunny).
Our goal at Bunny Inc. is to help humankind reach its full potential. To accomplish our goal, we build end-to-end marketplaces for the creative world. We are very proud to launch ArticleBunny with the Product Hunt community: we aim to help companies delegate their article projects and help talented writers get booked for work. Product Hunters receive a 50% discount on their first project with ArticleBunny.
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Excited to try it soon!
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@dsaezgil Maybe we could write something about that fancy new suitcase of yours?! ;) Thanks for supporting us, Diego!
Looks like a great product, I'd recommend to have the option of adding previous blog posts so that the writer can get a sense of idea about our language, tone and style
@yoavush Thanks! You can include any links to previous blog posts or other advice to writers in the "remarks" section when you go to submit a project. Something else that has worked well in our tests is our recording feature. This allows you to record a message through your computer's microphone to the writer about what you want for your article and also gives the writer a hint as to your personality and tone of voice.
@yoavush great feedback. Our goal is to be the number one source for content marketing. @taratyler is right about how to add remarks.