Article Reader

Make Alexa read your online articles.

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Article Reader allows your Alexa device to access and read the articles you saved or bookmarked with pocket.



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Eder Y. Elom KWASIMaker@eyekwasi · Founder of BookGrid
Hey hunters, Excited to share with you the Alexa Article Reader skill. I built this because, I like reading Medium, Techcrunch, Indiehackers and many other online publishing platforms. But I often find myself with a lot of bookmarked articles in my Pocket app. Given that I also like listening to audio books while doing some work, I started trying many different text to speech solutions that I ended up not really liking as the voice were sometimes too robotic. Since I got my Alexa device, I noticed how human like Alexa's voice was. So I figured It would be more enjoyable to listen to Alexa read my Pocket articles. So I built the Article Reader skill for Alexa. Please feel free to try it out, and give me your feedbacks.
P. Jordan Flack@flackmagic · Associate Producer, contagiousLA
@eyekwasi does it work with Instapaper?
Eder Y. Elom KWASIMaker@eyekwasi · Founder of BookGrid
Hi @flackmagic, it does not support instapaper at this time. But that is something am looking into.