Buy wall art with augmented realty

Ever wondered how art would look on your wall before you buy it? Arthouse uses augmented reality to give you an accurate preview of the look and size on your wall. Simply stand 3 feet from your wall, tap your screen, and see how it looks and fits!
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Hey PH - Arthouse was an idea I had the second Apple released ARKit but it took some time to put it together in a way that I thought could be more useful than novel. I hope it helps some people pick out art and posters for their barren walls - especially when they move into a new place and say, "A cool piece of art would look great, right here." Please feel free to leave me some comments, thoughts, suggestions, etc.
Just starting to move into a new place this week. Perfect!
@bnchrch Hope it works out Ben!
Great idea! Might be the first practical AR app idea I’ve seen!
@cameronehrlich Thanks Cameron! Appreciate that.