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#3 Product of the DayApril 20, 2014
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Arthena was in AngelPad's last batch. Similarly, Kickstarter, Alphaworks, Crowdtilt, and Patreon enable creators to self-fund directly from their users. I'm very interested in this trend toward "building in public" and have an essay on this topic being published next week.
Really interesting. I'd love to see more of these specialized types of investors showing up on Syndicates themselves.
(disclaimer: I am an investor in @Arthena) @rrhoover Arthena is not like Kikstarter etc at all. It is not a donation with a reward, but rather an investment vehicle. That's why it is restricted to qualified investors.
Hey, @thomask! Sorry for the confusion. I realize Arthena doesn't have the same Kickstarter-like model but it has similarities in that it allows the users of the product (albeit restricted to qual. investors... at least for now) to fund creators. Here's the essay I mentioned earlier in the comments, posted this morning: Why you should build your product in public