Quantitative research in art assets.

Gather data. Price art.

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Very interesting. I'm not familiar with this space. How do you project πŸ’° appreciation of art, @michael_d_angelo / @madelaine_d_angelo?
@rrhoover @michael_d_angelo The art market has grown at about 7.5% YoY, and current art funds have returned 10% YoY. By applying cutting edge data science to the market, we easily beat the benchmark. A couple of surprising facts: There are $2B in Art funds to date 90% of investment worthy art is held in storage 72% of collectors view their collecting activities as an investment The majority of sales happen below the $250K mark.
@madelaine_d_angelo @rrhoover @michael_d_angelo This is quite cool. What are you applying ML on? Historical price data?
@dylankbuckley @rrhoover @michael_d_angelo That's exactly what we are doing! Our CTO did his Ph.D. work at Stanford in ICME. We're treating the art market as one big machine learning problem.
@madelaine_d_angelo @rrhoover @michael_d_angelo I met a guy a while back in Chicago who built a ML model that predicted art price at auction. If I remember who it is ill send you his details. Best of luck.
Arthena is the first quantitative investment product for art. We apply cutting edge data science to the art market and create funds that buy art. We are the best way to invest in the inefficient, 70 billion dollar per year art market which has low correlation to the S&P. Old-school art funds are already generating returns of 10% year on year. Arthena has built the world's most advanced pricing model for Art. Through our methodology, we can outperform the market massively, and our funds have generated 23% returns to date. Our Methodology can: Discover market inefficiencies Take advantage of arbitrage opportunities Determine when to buy and sell Buy undervalued artists Build diversified portfolios, focused on risk adjusted returns. The growth of the art market is directly correlated with the growth of high net worth individuals, which is growing faster than any other segment on earth. Unlike real-estate is growing with the middle class. Art is growing with the high net worth, growing faster than any other segment on earth. In this world where commodities prices continue to decline because of technological advancement, High net worth individuals will look to put their money in things that have natural scarcity. Art will continue to have scarcity and because wealth is growing, the prices of the asset will continue to grow. Like a hedge fund, we take a 2% management fee per year and 20% performance fee. Over 72% of art is purchased for investment, and Over 90% of art purchased at auction is purchased by private investors and put into storage. Arthena aims to display our art, by loaning it out to museums and galleries, and by leasing it to commercial spaces. In addition to displaying our art through our online platform, but we’re going to physically display it by
This is one of those ideas that leave you like "This is so obvious, but I would have never thought about it on my own." Congrats on the launch! Killer team. πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€
Really enjoyed the Arthena pitch last year at the 43North competition. I think it's a great idea and investment alternative.
Great concept and a killer team - love seeing old friends pop up on my PH feed πŸ™† ✨ Congrats on the launch!