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Have you ever seen a 🎨 painting and wanted to find out more about it? With Artemis you can take a picture, send it to Artemis on Facebook Messenger and she will tell you what she knows about it. Artemis is a great example for how the smart phone can feel like a 🎩 magical wand. Whether you transport yourself using Uber, open doors with Airbnb, or whether you transform an image you just took into information about art with Artemis it really is the combination of accessibility, simple micro interactions and habit that make a magical experience. Also you get a very nice trail of your art discovery journey at an exhibition and it is super easy to just scroll back up when you want to show something you found to friends. ⌛️ Chronological views are very useful. I think we will see way more of these use cases on Facebook Messenger and other platforms very soon. It is incredible how much easier it is to adopt a useful service when you can skip downloading and installing. After all my phone is full of pictures of art and I ran out of storage a long time ago.
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Hi, I'm Pamina. Thanks for hunting :) I created Artemis, because I love art but still see a lot of potential in how art can be experienced - whether that is in AR/VR, otherwise virtual or the real world. Artemis is a fun way to make art more accessible and it's only the start. Ask me anything, I'm happily answering all of your questions :)
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What's your source for the art data? How do you do image recognition?
@msch Hi, Martin. I use different image recognition APIs for Artemis, e.g. logo detection from Google Vision API which is the most accurate one. On top of that, I use WikiArt’s public API to get more information on the paintings, i.e. the piece’s completion year and the artist.
How will you make people aware of Artemis?
@georg_buch Artemis is going to accompany you in museums in the future. If you like art, there will be a good chance you’ll get to know her at some point. In Vienna people are going to use Artemis at an exhibition at the Angewandte (http://www.dieangewandte.at/) in a couple of months - even if they won’t recognize her :) We're already talking to more museums and exhibitions and will soon announce more. Stay tuned.
How will museums could have an access to it?
@natalie_korotaeva I currently work with selected museums like the curators for a future exhibition at the Angewandte Wien (University of Applied Arts Vienna, http://www.dieangewandte.at/) to create a customized messenger experience for museums. In addition to that I'm working on a self-service platform that can be used directly by museums and curators of exhibitions or by social media agencies who are currently responsible for communication and engagement.
Have you looked at the most recent Facebook Messenger Platform update (v1.4)? What are your thoughts on it? https://developers.facebook.com/...
@__tosh Yes I have, I am a big fan of the new feature to disable text and image input. I think a lot of messenger apps will benefit from a restricted interaction mode, but are also allowed to design more of their interactions with the new persistent menu. It's a nice step forward in showing developers and users that 'chat bots' doesn't necessarily entail NLP or only text-based interaction.