Artefact Cards

A simple, yet effective, way to collate ideas

Artefact Cards are a brilliant tool for anyone who works with ideas. The cards and pen are designed for a perfect, subtle balance of quality and usability. People are more inclined to craft better ideas on Artefact Cards, because the cards feel that they should have something great on them. Create, Connect, Reorder.

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Hi there all - the very quick(ish) version, Ola, is as follows... I was running a workshop with an international group, and so rather than words, I wanted them to draw pictures. Sticky notes weren't good enough, so wondered what would happen if we used blank playing cards and sharpies. I bought some rubbishy ones from the internet, put them in blank Moo card boxes, and bought a load of pens. What happened was really interesting: i) people spent more time working and investing in the ideas they put down ii) they started moving them around, in piles, groups and stacks, just like they would with playing cards iii) we packed all the cards up at the end, then later unpacked the ideas and played again, to improve to ideas and structure. It worked so well across various workshops, that we wanted to make a beautiful version for people who really wanted to work well with their ideas, and work with a tool that is as great as their ideas are.
Artefact cards get used loads in agencies over in the UK - they're such a great way to help collate thoughts and manage a brainstorming session more effectively - more info here
@daniellenewnham we use artefact cards a lot too. I have made some design challenge cards to help designers provoke there designs thinking in areas worth exploring
@willsh Tell us a bit of the background how Artefact came to be!
We've just released a limited edition run - SUPERGRID 1 - perfect for more technical quick sketches - have a look, tell us what you think -