An online and collaborative tool for creativity.

The next generation creativity tool. Make images by mixing any Artbreeder images together. Create portraits, album covers, landscapes, anime portraits by art breeding. Play with faces by changing dozens of properties. (age, gender, beard, emotions, smile etc.)
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I was checking Emil Wallner's Github account for GAN usage. I just saw his profile picture is created in Artbreeder. I searched for it and came across this magnificent product backed by BigGANs.
Hey @joel_simon, this is really cool!
I love this product. Only discovered it the other day but annoying that we cant breed our own pictures. Is this going to happen at some point?
@iamroguelondon Thank you! You can upload your own portraits right now. Uploads for other categories may happen in the future.
@joel_simon oh nice. I didn’t realise as I was playing with landscapes. Cheers