Tinder for art events

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This is a much needed app for art lovers worldwide. It is an art event listing app for the contemporary art market. This is definitely an under serve sector in tech and glad to see Art.World is creating this app.
@slamboogie88 Thanks for the post Steven. We're thrilled you've discovered us! Anything you'd like to see in the next release? Any thoughts on the site?
This is awesome. Exactly what I needed! Where's the data coming from?
@grmmph Glad to hear it Yonatan! DATA: We've spent the last two years building up both the data set and the systems to maintain it. We pull in unstructured information from a variety of sources "listing sites, etc," then process it.
@exordenary Cool, great job! One little thing: I'd not use the tagline "Tinder for [SOMETHING]", your product really deserves a better crafted description!
Hey! Cool idea, but app doesn't work at "try it" and site isn't answering. Something is going wrong ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ
@mariannayarosh @beilion I'm sorry about that! It's like a nightmare: get on PH yesterday and then something has gone haywire on our servers this morning. We're looking into it right now and i'll let you know here when it's back up.
@beilion @mariannayarosh Hi Guys, happy to let you know that ART.WORLD is up and online again! All apologies for the previous let down