Wow – this is the 150th episode of Art of the Kickstart! To celebrate, we’re bringing you a bonus episode this week, featuring a very exciting campaign. Michael Bettua joined us to discuss his Kickstarter campaign for Gemio, the customizable smart band that lights up your night. Listen in to learn more about the work that led up to this campaign and how Gemio has raised nearly $100,000 so far. Key Crowdfunding Takeaways How to validate your concept with your target audience before launching on Kickstarter How to determine what features to offer in a new product while you are prototyping How long it takes to prepare for a Kickstarter campaign How to find partners when launching a new product on Kickstarter Why early bird specials are so important Why you need to spend time building a user base well in advance of your project launch Campaign Link:
Awesome idea. I have one also: Please feel free to check it.