Art Genius

Discover art with image recognition

Art Genius is visual search for artwork.

Curator looking for up-and-coming artists for your next show?

Interior designer looking to spice up a room with new works?

Tech bro looking to impress your hipster art school friends?

Art Genius turns anyone into an art curating pro.

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Andrew Shum
Founder, Thread Genius
Hey, Product Hunt! Andrew here from Thread Genius, makers of Art Genius. What's Art Genius, you ask? Put simply, Art Genius is a visual search engine for artwork. Art Genius is like your friend who interrupts you at the bar mid-Shazam and names that obscure tune that's playing; except instead of a tune, it's a painting, or a sculpture, or light installation, or any work of art, really. Art Genius doesn't like it when you call it "Shazam-for-art." It prefers not to be typecasted by such hackneyed techno-marketing-drivel-from-2015. It thinks it's more of a rose quartz or serenity blue. I'm here all day to answer your questions, ask me anything!
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Sam Goudie
Homamo - Product strategy & design
Nice idea, it managed to identify an image of Surrounded Islands by Christo first try! I was impressed that it wasn't just for paintings.
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