Art Generator

Create awesome art with the tap of a button

Come draw like a famous modern artist like Jackson Pollock without the hard work! You can now produce fun, unpredictable, and wildly imaginative artworks with a simple tap of the button and setting changes.

This app is equal parts entertainment and education for both adults and kids. Welcome to the world of algorithmic art!

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This looks like the kind of thing @damjanski would make 🤔
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With a bit of work I am sure this can turn into a pretty awesome app
@arunadayb Thanks for the comment! Would love to pick your brain: How can we improve to make it better for you?
Great to see this app getting listed in the top 5 Product of the Day today! It's been super gratifying to see such warm reception to the idea underlying this product, which makes the once unthinkable task of creating Jackson Pollock-like artwork within reach of an average person. Would love for you all to download and try, and let us know what you think and how we can make it better.
interesting but little colors and functions