Art Concierge by Vango

Your personal art consultant, on-demand (Magic for art)

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Have bought a couple pieces using it. Highly recommend.
In LOVE with this app. MOAR art and creativity!
@writerpollock thanks for the shout out. help support artists!
Here is an invisible app to help you select art. I've been trying to find something for this one wall in my place, so I am looking forward to testing this out. Only challenge is that they only respond from 9 AM to 9 PM - so I'll have to report back on using the app. In the meantime, @timdalrymple, @ethanappleby, @dckaos, @bflayler, @monique_ritter I'd love to hear your story. What inspired you to create Vango.
@corleyh thanks for the question (and we'll be sure to open earlier in the future). We were inspired to start Vango because we, like many others, found the art buying experience intimidating and confusing. While there are plenty of places to buy art, we wanted to build something that was mobile (so you could engage on the go), made pricing transparent (at vango artist sell for more the more they sell) and made discovery easier (relating your search to things you can relate to like local art, art by room, or mood). Our inspiration for Art Concierge was that we are all busy and sometimes not sure what we want or even what we want to ask for. This service helps your work through those questions. And now your favorite art piece is only a text away.
Interesting. I'm curious to know why you decided to make it an invisible app. From your experience so far, how do you get to know their tastes and preferences - do people know what kind of art they're interested in clearly enough to be able to explain over text? Similar product: Kollecto
@manasvinik this is a great quesiton and one we will undoubltly learn more with time. Our intention with Art Concierge by Vango is to start the conversation. We believe by making an invisible app it's as easy as ever to get started (we all know how to text) and especially simple for people who might be intimidated to make a call.
I used this today. It's been great. I feel like I'm talking to a person and we are going back and forth on ideas - which is allowing us to refine what might work for the wall I am on focused on. I am new to the Bay Area, so I do not know all of the local artists or where to go and do not have the time to do the research, so this has been a great way for me to ask questions and get some help. Well done!
@corleyh we're glad you like it!