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Shop for art & gallery walls with AR

The app is the fun, easy, and immersive way to experience art on the go. With Gallery Wall Designer and ArtView™, you can envision art in YOUR space. It allows you to shop your own dream gallery – and get it up on your wall. Choose your artwork; try different frames, sizes, and layouts; then use ArtView™ to see how it looks in your space.

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Veronica Belmont
PM and Evangelist at Adobe Spark
As a nerdy art lover, the app makes it easy to design my own gallery wall that matches my style. The AR feature is a fun and innovative way to see how the gallery wall would look in my house!
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Rudy Lee
Head of Global Business @Zepeto
Wow amazing concept :) I like how AR is used! Congrats on the release!
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Ali McCourt
Sr. Product Marketing Manager
Thank you Veronica for hunting us. We're incredibly excited launch Gallery Wall Designer and ArtView today! We've been working on this ~6 months to solve one of the biggest pain points we hear from our customers - knowing how art will look in your space. With Gallery Wall Designer you can customize your gallery wall and see what it looks like on the wall with AR. Check it out and please share any feedback you have. We'd love to make it even better!
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Fill your living space with amazing stuff.


Great Assortment, Easy to use



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Customer Support Advisor at Homesnap
Really loving it! Do you guys use AI to suggest frames for the paintings? I've gotten great pairings so far
@ios_javi That's awesome! We're doing a bit of everything right now (including curation) for the suggestions but we're hoping to make it even better by the end of the year.
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