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Hey everyone! I went into the weekend wanting to learn more about chatbots and got a bit carried away. The result is Art Chatbot, which I built to help people discover artists, their artwork, and purchase their work through Messenger. The bot is a bit basic for now and focuses on a limited set of artists that I know best, so primarily street and graffiti. I'm planning to add more soon though! Also, a huge shoutout to Seth and some of the chatbot Facebook group members who literally tested and provided feedback as I was making Art Chatbot. Since there has been such great feedback on it already, I wanted to open it up to the community to help decide what's next and added access to the roadmap and more on the site footer and Facebook page. Thanks everyone for your support and let me know how I can improve! πŸ‘Š πŸ€–
@yoroomie That's interesting :)
Looks nice! What bot back end are you using?
@si_chen thanks! I'm just using Chatfuel with sheets for now. This is certainly a bot in the most basic form, but I'm learning quickly and will be improving it! I've also added a link on the site to the roadmap. Would love to have you add some suggestions to it! πŸ˜‰
@yoroomie good stuff keep it up. we also posted our Fashion Bot on PH today. If you need visual search for art, let us know...
Thanks everyone for checking out Art Chatbot and the feedback! Since a few have asked about the build process, I just published a Medium article about it: