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Forget the kids --- can you make one for a 180 lb human?
@samir_doshi Hi Sam, that's a request we've been getting a lot! We are strongly considering it.
@alexisshimanoff ok --- i'll be saving my dollars --- gonna tear up the streets of the east bay (side streets of course)
@samir_doshi Lol I'll be looking for it! :)
Looks like a fun kart. Wish I had this as a kid 😄 Smart to limit speed and area where you can go. Good hunt!
@mikaellowgren Thanks for the comment Mikael! It's a ton of fun. I too wish I had one when I was a child. :)
This is cool.Its rekindling my childhood dreams.
@karthrenkarajan Thanks for the comment. Everyday at work feels like a dream. :)
I don't understand why this hasn't picked up. Perhaps the coolest stuff I've seen here on PH community. People are too busy with Valentines.
@mihirchronicles Hi Mihir, thanks for your comment! I'm glad you like it. I forgot it was v-day weekend, so that may not have been the best choice. :)