Hyperloop inspired high speed super urban network

Arrivo is high-speed super urban network. It's like if Hyperloop One AND Elon Musk's The Boring Company had a baby.

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Fun fact: The train was invented in 1804.
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@rueter really? I thought it was in 1580?
@embed_api *steam locomotive (courtesy of the Google) 🚂
I have so many questions.
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A "fast lane" for self driving cars would be *much* more practical than this.
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So an autonomous shoe for your car that already has wheels.
@sonofrobins An ‘autonomous shoe’ that runs at 200mph.
I love when "feel good" kickstarter videos gloss over the insurmountable bureaucratic red tape that will inevitably toss this utopian fantasy into the junkpile with the Space Elevator (remember that one?).