Arrive 2.0

The best way to track all of your online orders 📦

Arrive automatically syncs with Gmail to track your orders. With the launch of Basic accounts, you can now use Arrive to track your packages even if you don’t have a Gmail account! Simply sign up with any email address and enter your tracking codes manually - we’ll do the rest of the heavy lifting.

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You could say...the best way to track your packages has...Arrived 😬
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Hey Product Hunt! 👋🏻 It’s crazy to think that only a year ago around Black Friday Arrive launched to the world to help online shoppers track their online orders. Fast forward to today and Arrive has helped track over 2.5 millions packages and has quickly became the most downloaded package tracking app on the App Store! 🎉 And what better way to celebrate our first birthday this Black Friday than with a huge App Store update! Here’s just some of the stuff that’s new in Arrive: – 💌 You can now use Arrive to track your packages manually with tracking codes even if you don’t have a Gmail account! – 🏃‍♀️ Faster tracking! We’ve optimized our tracking features to make Arrive one of the fastest package tracking apps on the App Store. – 💅 Refreshed UX! Sometimes on your birthday you just want to get a facelift, am I right? We hope this update will make buying from your favourite brands just a little bit better this Black Friday and holiday season! 📦 Let us know what you're tracking right now in the comments! 😄
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Will you make it available in Norway as well?
Hey @eivindml ! At the moment Arrive is only available in the US and Canada, but we would love to (and have plans to) bring Arrive international soon! Stay tuned for updates 😊
I have been using Arrive for the past couple of months and have had an outstanding experience. A very simple yet useful tool. Keep it up guys! :)
@joaomainardes that's awesome to hear! Thanks for the kind words ❤️
This has been so helpful! I have used it since it launched and honestly its been a game changer. I like how it grabs tracking #'s from my email and that I can input them manually as well. One of my most used tool apps.