Dirt Cheap Backup

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Stefan Vetter
Stefan Vetter@stefanvetter · Founder, @Wortspiel AdWords Agency
Arq is the real deal.
Thomas K. Running
Thomas K. RunningHunter@tkrunning · Nomad Gate, ex-Teleport
Arq is a simple Mac App that will let you back up anything to the dirt cheap Amazon Glacier service. Pricing for Glacier is a bit complex (you pay by exact usage), but for most use cases you will end up spending less than 1/10 of what you would pay for Dropbox or similar alternatives. Backing up to the pricier Amazon S3 is also an option.
Greg Gilbert
Greg Gilbert@gregoiregilbert · I make products and run companies.
I've been using arq for about 2 months now. I push my backup on a server using sftp. I think it's the perfect complement to time machine on a local hard drive.
Yvo Schaap
Yvo Schaap@yvoschaap · Independent Technical SEO Specialist
For windows: I'm a happy user of Cloudberry Desktop Backup ( I use S3, but has support for Glacier and most of the other data providers.
Rowe Morehouse
Rowe Morehouse@rowemore · Executive Director
Excellent product. Regular improvements. Good customer service. Let's you backup to Google "Nearline" which is fantastic for low price point.