If YO app had a drunk, more talkative uncle

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This app has some code that's about 8 months old despite it's simplicity. Originally wanted to make a "walkie talkie" type app that let users record their audio and then play it as the push notification sound from their friends phone. Turns out Apple makes you include all audio notifications in the main bundle of the app (and you can't write to that after publishing). Next was an attempt at recording the ~40 english phonemes and playing them in succession as multiple notifications based on what message was typed (still trying to accomplish the original goal of having the message play as the audio notification). That was not only super buggy having them play in the correct order at a good speed, but Apple also rejects that idea for having too many push notifications fire one after the next. One should be enough apparently. Next up, YO nails it by saying only one thing. Huh... Guess we don't need to be able to say everything on the planet. So, the final result is a handful of recordings to send to your friends. Send me one! Username: Kris
I was really hoping this was yo-inspired, Hey, Arnold! (from nickelodeon) app. Although I'm not too disappointed. @KristoferTM - is it possible on iOS to allow users to record their own sound to play via push notifications? Last I checked, the audio file had to be natively bundled into the app.
@rrhoover Yea, not possible with iOS. That was the original idea for this and we were disappointed to find that out, as you mention, audio files for notifications need to be included in the main bundle and can't just be added on the fly. LOL. "Hey Arnold" definitely came up as a possible name but that would have been way too misleading. I'm also a fan.
I really like their branding. I imagined that their branding would be perfect for a candy store.