A new instrument for people to communicate with AR

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Arnament is a brand new fun social based app with Augment Reality elements. Arnament allows you to leave a real stamp in AR World.

Your friends can see it using their smartphones like a pass to invisible reality.

• For communication and entertainment

• For art and self-expression

• For business and advertising

Alexander Sysoenko
  • Alexander Sysoenko
    Alexander SysoenkoCDO, Spheroid Universe AR

    routing operations testing


    not too reach objects library

    Good step to implementing sprouts of new technology - augmented reality - into mass consciousness. It is important that developers begin to experiment not only with objects of augmented reality, but also with spatial operations and route operations in relation to these objects. The level of development of the technology itself unfortunately does not yet allow much, but working with the routing of traffic to the AR objects is an up-and-coming beginning.

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Amrith Shanbhag
Amrith Shanbhag@amrith · Community + Social at Product Hunt
@arnament what features are you planning on adding soon? How is it different from other similar products out there?
Sergey Inzel
Sergey InzelHunter@arnament · Owner, INOS,OOO
@amrith In future we plan to add more complicated AR objects. it depends on new instruments in new arkit we waiting soon.
Alexander Sysoenko
Alexander Sysoenko@yasachy · CDO, Spheroid Universe AR
@arnament hi, good beginning. Is the located in the space AR-object visible from another gadget? How "far" can user place object from his place (I understand that question is not so simple)? To what extent can you and user rely on the accuracy of the location? Thx
Sergey Inzel
Sergey InzelHunter@arnament · Owner, INOS,OOO
@yasachy Hi Alexander, objects strats to be visible from another gadget is aproximatly 5-12 meters. User can place the AR aobject where he locates itself. In future we plan user could place the object everywhere he whants.