The Ultimate Cross-platform Multiplayer Arena Shooter

Armajet is a real-time, synchronous multiplayer shooter. Armajet is cross-platform and can be played simultaneously on PC, iOS & Android.

Neil Hickman
Alexander Krivicich
  • Neil Hickman
    Neil HickmanPython Engineer, Ankylos Web Consultancy

    Easy to pick up Quick matches, handy especially when travelling Excellent community behind the scenes


    Hard to put down levelling system still feels a little grindy for casual players

    I fell in love with armajet the moment I picked it up, Dev team are very responsive and are amazing at what they do. The gaming industry needs to look out, Armajet is on it's way.

    Neil Hickman has used this product for one year.
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Wow! @Armajet looks like a cool #indiegame
This is a game type I've wanted for iOS forever. And somehow they pulled it off for mobile... really really well.