Enter the workshop of the finest Italian leather artisans

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by Ben Tossell (No-coder 👉

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Hi everyone! Pierluca here from We work closely with Italian leather artisans that produce for luxury brands. We bring their products to the US market getting rid of middlemen and luxury markups. We just launched a referral program where users can earn free leather products by sharing their unique link. Check it out and let me know your thoughts!
@piermartella You've got to improve the landing page - like Jack Smith mentioned, it doesn't mention that you're launching soon or anything like that - just seems like a referral program to earn leather goods?
@jmbslade Hey Jack! Yes you are right I will add that we are launching soon the real e-commerce. Thanks for the feedback!
I don't understand what you guys do, or the purpose of the website. Is this website just to collect email addresses? What does the tagline "Enter the workshop" mean? I don't get how it relates to the product I can't see any way to actually buy your products
@_jacksmith Hey man thanks for your comment. Yes website is just for collecting emails now and let people spread the word, sharing with friends and earning products. No, we are not focusing on selling right now, that's why you can't buy products at the moment. The tagline means that you can have finally access to the workshops in Italy where all the best leather products in the world come from, where all the Gucci and Prada and Versace and Valentino and basically 95% of the luxury brands in the world have their production, but their markups are insane, we bring the same high quality leather products at 70% retail price, that's explained in the landing page if you scroll. I appreciate your feedback and we'll keep iterating on that! Thanks!