The only 100% wire-free smart home security camera.

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Another hub, another 'box' to join the myriad of boxes that are required to be directly plugged into my router. To me, that's a huge drawback. In addition I find the cameras to be a bit pricey given that most people will want 3-4 to fully cover the main parts of their houses.
Been on the hunt for an HD wireless outdoor security camera for a while and nothing has quite hit the mark but this looks promising. Battery life is 4-6 months on 4xCR123 batteries. Only thing which is a little frustrating is it needs a base station. It's a shame it doesn't just connect directly to a router. Starts at $199.99 for one camera and the base station through to $499.99 for 4 cameras and the base station.
@oliverwaters @aaroncrocco check out our new Arlo Pro camera. In addition to its many improvements, it also comes with a rechargeable battery and will have a solar panel option in early 2017. We still utilize a base station for this system, since it improves battery life, reception range and also frees up your home wifi network for other activities, like Netflix streaming :)
Arlo just launched a new outdoor, wire-free camera called Arlo Pro. Check it out on Product Hunt!
What attracted me to Arlo originally was the wirelessness of it - but the router is annoying and not necessary. Also, there is a delay between when it detects motion and when it starts recording, so unless you position your cameras perfectly, you can totally miss whatever it was that triggered the camera.