Easiest way to order custom packaging online. 5 boxes for $5

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Michael Handler
@newshandler · Head of Projects
Our website is back up. We were hugged to death for a moment there but everything is good as new!
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@pakhzar · Founder @ Arka
Product Hunters/Huntresses!!! This founder is beyond stoked to hear what ya’ll have to say about @Arka_packaging! We busted our BUTTS off developing our online customizer that let’s you select infinite versions of the 3 main types of packaging and brand them on the spot. Shippers, Mailers and Cartons. We have a promo going on right now that’s 5 boxes fo… See more
Josh Barkin
@joshbarkin · Co-founder @ Janis
Here I made a box with your customizer ;) http://i.imgur.com/9cbyiGV.gif Seriously though good job on the website. It's easy to use. After your 5 for 5 product offer though, the unit economics don't make a lot of sense. I could buy wholesale a whole bunch of corrugated boxes for less than $1 even at low volume, and then slap on a large full color stick… See more
Guy Malachi
@guy · Chief Product Officer at Showbox
This makes me want to sell something with my own custom packaging.
Angela Yu
@yu_angela · Founder - London App Brewery
Great product and upvoted. Some feedback. 1. For non US customers it's essential to have a toggle to change to metric. 2. Image design needs to have snap to centre/margin etc. 3. For product boxes being able to print inside is important.
Tristan Pollock
@writerpollock · EIR/Venture Partner @ 500 Startups
Arka is your go-to for custom packaging done right. I've seen it used for subscription boxes to beautiful gift boxes sent to special customers. Nothing more to say. It's that simple.