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Product Hunters/Huntresses!!! This founder is beyond stoked to hear what ya’ll have to say about @Arka_packaging! We busted our BUTTS off developing our online customizer that let’s you select infinite versions of the 3 main types of packaging and brand them on the spot. Shippers, Mailers and Cartons. We have a promo going on right now that’s 5 boxes for $5 and we would love to hear feedback on what you think about the experience! Whatever you don’t see on our site you can request through and we will have you COVERED! Our team: • Wizard • Rocket Scientist • Utility Knife • Blue Shell (shout out to Mario Kart fans everywhere) We want to hear from YOU, so please try us out! UPDATE: Our website just went down temporarily, we were hugged to death. Good problem to have, we will make sure you can still place an order with us! :) :) :) UPDATE 2: We have been back up since 2pm :) UPDATE 3: Stopped by the @producthunt offices!!!
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Here I made a box with your customizer ;) Seriously though good job on the website. It's easy to use. After your 5 for 5 product offer though, the unit economics don't make a lot of sense. I could buy wholesale a whole bunch of corrugated boxes for less than $1 even at low volume, and then slap on a large full color sticker for less than a quarter, and my customers would be just as happy.
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@joshbarkin how about one round you buy our printed boxes and survey your customers to see what they liked more? Beautifully branded packaging wth full print, or a plain box that you slap a sticker on 😉 Nice job working the customizer! You're a pro! 😎😎😎
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@pakhzar I'll take the offer. Ship to Toronto Canada?
@joshbarkin Absolutely! If you put in an order we can talk shipping. Please email after you put in an order !
This makes me want to sell something with my own custom packaging.
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@guy You should to0o0o0otally sell something with your own custom packaging. How can we help?
Great product and upvoted. Some feedback. 1. For non US customers it's essential to have a toggle to change to metric. 2. Image design needs to have snap to centre/margin etc. 3. For product boxes being able to print inside is important.
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@yu_angela 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼 thank you! 🙏🏼
@yu_angela 1. You totally called this one Angela, working on the metric conversion. 2. If you mock something up, we will center everything after and show you a proof within 48 hours to see if this is something you want to go into production. 3. Again we will email you a proof and if you respond with "give me inside print", we will make those adjustments before production! 👌 Which box did you order? We can make adjustments for you and thanks for the feedback! 🤓
Arka is your go-to for custom packaging done right. I've seen it used for subscription boxes to beautiful gift boxes sent to special customers. Nothing more to say. It's that simple.
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@writerpollock Thanks for posting this, Tristan! Please keep up the funny tweets btw #500strong
@writerpollock Thanks Tristan! Truly grateful, and so will the product hunters out there be :-)
Separate shoutout to remember the Wizardry behind this guys^^^ @ardentkid impeccable talents to let you all customize online!