Dating based on YouTube subscriptions

In an era where content creation is becoming increasingly present in our lives and dating has become more and more difficult.
I decided to create a dating app focused on the common content we love starting with YouTube.
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Hey Product Hunters ! I made this new thing called Arithmr. Here’s the problem I had, and the solution I thought of: 🤔Problem The problem is that every time I match with someone on Tinder it’s hard to figure out what are our common interests and what could be my first message. You could say just send a pickup line that’s a no brainer duh. I'm originally from France and | know that pickup lines are less well-received than in the states. I can relate, it’s not always easy to be creative when talking to a match with no bio or crispy details on the two available photos to make a pun out of and get a good conversation going. So what do I want? I want to get a quick overview of what are our similar YouTube subscriptions. What are the cool videos we both watched? What does my match would like to watch that they haven’t yet? What channels they would probably like? 🛠️ Solution When I saw that when logging with Google you could get YouTube channels subscriptions. I thought, maybe I can make this into an app. So I made a basic Tinder clone with only Google sign up (or else it won’t work) and then you can add a photo and start swiping. Think about this, you can link your Instagram on Tinder but not your YouTube channel. What if we could? Well, that’s basically what I made! First 3 to signup will get lifetime premium access 🎁 If you like the idea and want it to grow please consider buying the premium tier for a one-time payment of 9,99$ made available only for early adopters and product hunters ❤️
@giusepo no comment on the app itself but love the logo!
@manny_orduna Hey, thanks for your feedback, much appreciated! Is it because you had issues with my site or that's unrelated?
@giusepo no issues with the app, haven't tried it. Just wanted to show my appreciation for the logo. apologies if it came across negative.
@manny_orduna It didn't, I was juust curious :)
@giusepo Is this like a hobby project or do you intend to make it a business idea to make money? The reason I am asking is because I have worked in the dating industry for 20 years and have a business set up in it, and I can give some feedback to your project but would need to know how serious you are with it, whether its a part-time project for something fun to do or if you have serious ambitions towards it becoming a big business.
I am married and really not that much into youtube but the idea is super great!
@zuzana_pelechova Thank you for saying that, I am still really not sure if people like the idea
Lots of people watching YouTube I’m sure this could have potential.