Leave your procrastination demons behind (with pomodoro)

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Android please!
I'm a productivity junkie and got very angry when I realized that mental tricks to beat procrastination just don’t work. The reason? There is a saboteur in the system - our own mind. So we crafted a personal coach for mobile to beat our demons who steal our precious time.
Thanks Steven! We all knew that these little bastards were in our head, right? :) Well, we thought it's time to understand them better and "personalize" these feelings. The funny thing is that once you clarified the demon's attributes, you'll realize them much easier when they arise and this realization often make them disappear! ( » when you call them by their name, they sh.t their pants :) ) To be honest, Arise was a side project (our focus is Drops: and we made it to excercise our mind and, well, to be more productive by less procrastination :D But looking at the lovely feedback we get, who knows how far the concept can go. Trivia: 98% of the product was coded, designed and shipped during a 24h hackathon using the anti-procrastination principles of the app. Pretty meta...
I. LOVE. THIS. The personality you've given to each of these "demons" is so freaking charming, I can't even stand it! I've never seen anyone else in this space take this approach before, and I can't wait to see what's next. How will you make this into a sustainable business? As someone who's released a one-time paid app, I know how hard this can be. If you're able to really nail retention and get people to rely on your app to kick their bad procrastination habits, I bet they'd be willing to pay for the privilege via an in-app purchase of some kind.
What's the scope of the app, if the user already uses another todo app like Todoist or OmniFocus? Is Arise integrated with that? Is it a "parallel" app used for other purposes? Else?