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Hey guys! I am the proud maker of Aris Math. I've been doing a lot of tutoring (younger kids, my little sister and recently refugees here in Berlin) and I noticed that whoever I was teaching would focus a lot more and be more engaged if I somehow tied what I was teaching to an interest of theirs. This combined with a healthy dose of laziness that wanted to find a way to automate my work led to Aris Math :) At the moment the two 'passions' (interests) are soccer and baking. I chose those as those were simply the ones that the people I was teaching liked best. The age group is at the moment 9-12 year old but I am working super hard to expand that quickly up 18 to 19 year olds. Future Plans: I want to first of all get the math foundations up to 12th grade covered. The next step which I am really excited about is to create a way for users to create their own problems (maybe about basketball or movies) and then have them be on the app. I am also working on a way to actually sell these problem sets so that the contributors can get paid for their work and users can get the best math problems inexpensively.