A dynamic lamp that learns and keeps you healthy

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Hey guys, I am Bing Chen, one of the co-founders of Ario here. We have spent the last year working on a smart healthy lamp that keeps your body clock in sync. We are finally getting it out there! I’m excited to get Product Hunters feedback and I’m here to answer any questions you have.
Dynamic lighting is absolutely the future. I want one of these in my room for reading prior to bed. My only gripe is the single form factor. Would be nice to get all these benefits but either have some different form factors to choose from or be able to put it in a standard lamp socket or something.
@joshuapinter, thanks for the comment! We are definitely going in to different form factors soon. We wanted to start with a lamp since it is the easiest for our users to install and use, while allowing us to offer light directional control and adequate brightness. We discovered that with a single light bulb, it is hard to control light direction and offer bright enough light that can really impact your circadian rhythm.
Interesting - it only shoots light upwards during the day. What's the reasoning for this?
@thejoelau Great question! The lamp delivers all directions (both up and down) during the day time and into early evening since we want to have some light coming from above (some may bounce off the ceiling or your wall). This cues your body that it is still "day time" so your body would produce cortisol. As you go deeper into the evening, the top starts to dim and eventually off, with the bottom delivering amber light that cues your body to relax and starts producing melatonin. We wanted to build a lamp partly because of directionality control and its impact on how the body perceives day and night.
I have no affiliation to this product team. I haven't backed the kickstarter yet. But been tempted all day. You have made me aware of the lights around me. I have fancy lights with multiple settings, IoT enabled so I can control it w/o a manual switch. But it all seems dumb, either too bright or too dim. So question for you - When you say Ario adjusts to sun light, how does it do when its dull and muggy outside? Will it make each day indoors feel like Hawaii and just adjust the days start and end times to my pattern?
@sujamthe Thanks for the question! Ario geolocates you when you first connects it to WiFi. What this does is effectively not only collecting the location where you are, but the time and season. An initial sunrise and sunset schedule would be produced and downloaded to the lamp (the cycle of the sun is well modeled). Now, if Ario stays cloud-connected, it has the potential to poll local weather patterns and adjust lighting accordingly on a cloudy day (more blue light needed). We plan to include an ambient light sensor if we reach a certain funding goal on our campaign to help with automatically adjusting light levels of the lamp. Forgot to say that you can always input a custom schedule, which includes time zone and location. So if you want to have longer day time during the winter time with the Ario you can!