A gestural-based music player for listening on the road

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Does this link up to spotify? How do I get my music catalog into the app?
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@david_diam At the moment it links up to the iOS Music app so you get access to your iTunes (and Apple Music) songs. Spotify is not yet supported.
@bukovinski is it planned though? I only use Spotify and would love to use it while driving!
@gam0r It's on our list. Depends on the demand.
Hello Product Hunters! I’m one of the makers of ARIIA music player. ARIIA is a simple, lightweight music player optimised for listening to your music on the road. It’s tailored around gestural interaction, bringing the ease of use in compromised circumstances. It also recognises any ambient and lightning changes and appropriately adjusts its interface, so it is always optimal, whether you’re driving during night or day. Currently is in it’s “minimal lovable stage” so more more interesting features are still yet to come :) Let us know what do you think and enjoy!
@benedikrok I like the intention but I don't think I'm sold on the forced landscape orientation. When I have my phone in its dock it's portrait and this helps because music isn't the only thing I would use in my car. If I'm stopped or parked I may switch to another app and many only operate in portrait (i.e. Product Hunt)
@kartikcooks Hey Kartik, we hear you and we are taking notes :). A brief explanation why we decided to only support the landscape orientation (for now). Gestural navigation in compromised environment (stretching out to your phone, bumpy road, compromised vision, shaky dashboard..) performs the best. Having the ability to use a wider/larger dragging area/path (landscape) makes the experience more forgiving (if any mis-swipe happens). That is also our biggest differentiator among the solutions that you can currently find on the market. But again, we are taking notes, and you might like the following updates. :)
Very slick! Will definitely use this when I buy a car :)
Hello everyone! We wanted to come up with a distraction free UI that you can use without having to look at the screen. Perfect if you say have your phone on a mount in the car. Give it a try and let us know if the concept works for you.
Great app! Most music players are pretty cluttered, so this is a breath of fresh air! The one feature that would make this complete IMO is the ability to play from a playlist, since right now you never know which song is gonna play next.
@asaddhamani Thank you Asad! We are planning to go towards that direction, with much more options! In particular, options linked to the source of you music library :)