ARIA Waterproof Earbuds 🎡 πŸ’¦

Over 1.7M raised on Indiegogo --> Now SHIPPING 🚒

● IP67 Certified Waterproof & dustproof
● Bluetooth 5.0
● 32 hours of playtime
● Auto-pair - never worry about setup or pairing modes again
● Compatible with all iOS, Android Phones, Tablets, Watches & more
● Proprietary noise-cancelling sound seal tech
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Hi Everyone, My name is Bernardo Carreira and I am part of the team at ARIA. We are really happy to introduce our product to Product HUNT after such a magic Indiegogo Campaign. Aria was developed after extensive research to meet the needs of the most discerning listener. With a host of premium features like all-day battery life, total waterproofing, noise cancellation and smart assistant compatibility (just to name a few), these earbuds are ready to take your listening to the next level. Our team has spent thousands of hours and tested nearly 100 different drivers with the best audio engineers available to push the boundaries of audio technology to create ARIA. Superior technology means superior sound: Experience ARIA’s top-shelf sound quality and bask in its incredibly powerful bass, crisp mid-highs, and crystal clear vocals, and have your own personal bubble that encompasses you in premium acoustics. We are proud of ARIA because we believe we’ve truly made something better than what’s out there. We’re a team of engineers and audiophiles with a passion for creating amazing products that bring the best possible listening experience to every pair of ears. When designing ARIA, we tested more than 200 different permutations of earbud design, charging case circuitry and composition, and Bluetooth chip choice to bring you what we believe are the best earbuds available. Let us know your questions :-) And don't forget to back us on indiegogo: WE ARE SHIPPING!
How much?
@bailey472 Hi there, We added a special discount for our Product Hunt community. 84€ for 1x ARIA
You can hear music for 32h in a row?
@teamtejas Hi there, Great question. Our battery lasts for 8 hours and the case has another 24 hours of juice. So you have 4 runs of 8 hours to listen to your favorite music.
WOOOW, 1.7M on Indiegogo. You guys are no joke!
@frank0l1 Hi there, thank you so much. We really appreciate it. Hope you like it.
Can I shower with them? This is awesome ahahah.
@coveykty ahahah, yes you can mate. Go for it. :-D