Visual argument analysis network

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"But this is the internet". Hilarious Source:
@luisobo haha yeah some of the "arguments" are hilarious but interesting enough, a lot of the community that's on there already seem to be of "high" intellect. I'm guessing the open source project is supported by some professors/researchers
@fthrkl @luisobo Cool! Some highlighting could do wonders here.
@luisobo after a closer look, there seems to be highlighting but it is very subtle.
found this on reddit, title wasn't intriguing at first but upon 3rd return to teh front page of the internet, i figured why not? holy crap I'm glad I did click through...this is amazing. it's like wikipedia meets logic? lol I can't begin to describe how hard it is to "argue" points/issues without a visual component. you end up in stalemates like the never ending back and forth on gun regulation, abortion or less serious but maybe more relevant points on what beiber should wear? haha I can see arguman becoming a part of producthunt - @rrhoover *edit* after spending 30+ minutes on arguman - the UX is so nice. it is simple yet to the point with the clear colors and with a reddit-style upvote/karma in support of a point.
This is awesome! It's funny, interesting and greatly structured. I agree that the UI is perfect for this kind of project. I believe this could create an addiction for people who like to have healthy arguments :)
@vcolinau the visual component of the tree really takes the cake. It's also a nice departure from the threaded list view where you always lose context the further down you go. You can toggle between the views too which to me means structurally it's actually the same. Just some fancy front end work :)
This is so well done! I can't wait to poke around some more. The UI and concept are spot on