Argo Mining

Rentable cryptocurrency mining rigs by the minute

Argo is not a traditional company repainted in blockchain colors or a tradeable entity that apes crypto prices. The newly-public company doesn’t even touch the stuff. Instead, it rents crypto mining power to blockchain enthusiasts for those who may not be able to build and deploy their own rigs.

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What’s the difference between Argo and Genesis?
@chiancheng Thanks for reaching out! Argo's aim is to democratize the cryptocurrency industry and make it easier for everyone to get involved with both cryptocurrency and cryptomining. Argo offers packages on a month to month contract, rather than having customers commit to long upfront contracts with many fees. Additionally, Argo's user interface is much easier to interact with, making it a better choice for customer satisfaction.
Idea is Brilliant))
My understanding of crypto mining is that it's a huge energy consumer. Is there net gain mining crypto over added costs to your electricity bills? @nickabouzeid Maybe someone needs to invent a calculator for this where can you plug in variables like the device you're using and the electricity tariff you're on
@abadesi It's a valid q! Yes, it uses a ton of electricity, but you typically make more mining than you spend on electricity if you have current ASIC chips or GPUs. CoinCenter did a great piece about the ethics of electricity usage and crypto: Re: a mining calculator, yes! Tons. Most aren't accurate. CryptoCompare is my favorite.
@abadesi @nickabouzeid Agree about @CryptoCompare, still Abadesi shred some light on futuristic product/functionality to work over.
For example, I'm buying 450MH/s ETH package and starting to mine at pool A. This pool is showing avg. hash 400MH/s, then I'm switching to pool B that is showing avg. hash 390MH/s. Yes, it is a well-known fact that hashrate will vary from pool to pool, but how can I be sure that you're providing exact hashrate according to package contract? Or you're providing contract hashrate according to pool stats? Thank you!
@kirbel At Argo, we provide contract hashrate based on the 24 hr average at the pool. For example, if you purchase 450MH/s, regardless of the pool fluctuation, customers will see an average of 450MH/s on the pool.

Just started a contract this month, will update after contract in one month! Lets see if we get a smiley, or frowny face lol.