Crypto's first one tap app to earn and invest

#3 Product of the DayMay 19, 2020
A first for crypto: in one tap you can earn interest and invest; borrow, store and send. Enjoy unprecedented security too. Lock & unlock, recover easily and set daily limits. Only you can access your assets. Not us, or anyone else.
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Argent is the wallet that will take Ethereum and DeFi mainstream! :)
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@sassalup Thanks Anthony! We're super excited to have integrated with TokenSets
@sassalup Thanks Anthony!! We really hope so too
Hi, I’m Julien, Argent co-Founder and Chief Science Officer. We’re really excited to share Argent with you as we believe crypto can have a big impact on expanding economic opportunity. Argent is the first crypto wallet where you invest like Robinhood, send like Venmo, and store like Fort Knox. Importantly, we’re non-custodial so only you can access your assets (not us, not anyone else). We started Argent because we could see crypto could be “the dawn of a new era of the internet”, as Reddit wrote last week. But it will never reach it’s potential if it stays like it is: too hard to use and too easy to lose assets. Argent fixes this and provides the easiest access to decentralized apps on Ethereum. In one tap you can: - Earn interest with Compound, Maker DSR and Aave - Enjoy automated asset management with TokenSets - Earn fees for providing liquidity with Uniswap V2 - Enter a savings game with a weekly prize with Pool Together - Exchange over 80 assets with Kyber This is all with no seed phrase (the passwords on paper that traditional wallets have) and no gas (Ethereum transaction fees). Supporting all this is our focus on security. You can lock & unlock, set a daily transfer limit and approve large transfers. For the last 18 months we’ve battle tested Argent in Beta and run bug bounties. We also open sourced our blockchain architecture so everyone can inspect it. We’re hugely excited to now be able to open Argent to anyone, anywhere. It’s a big step in our mission to empower people to take control and prosper from their digital assets and identity. We’d love to know what you think.
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@julien_niset hey Julien. Congratz on the launch! Unfortunately I downloaded the app, and when I request a validation code, the SMS never arrives. I'm based in Australia, using Optus as my mobile provider.
@fernando_parra Sorry to hear that. Can you send an email to so we can help fix that?
@julien_niset @fernando_parra I’m in aus and it worked fine. I hope it get sorted for you asap.
Argent is without a doubt the most accessible Ethereum wallet - it's my go-to recommendation to onboard newcomers who are curious about decentralised finance. With the addition of Aave, PoolTogether and TokenSets, Argent now has all the basic tools someone discovering DeFi will use --- with no gas costs for now. They can onboard and play the world's first no-loss lotery in a matter of minutes, or get their emotions out of their trade with TokenSets. Congrats on the release, it's an amazing one for DeFi!
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@tokenbrice Legend, thank you Brice. And thanks for all the crypto education and awareness raising you do.
By far the best UX in crypto!
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@yurasherman Thanks Yura! That means a lot
I love Argent, really easy to use and access to DeFi such as Aave is quite straightforward. Holding your assets can't be easier than Argent :)
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@stani Thanks Stani! We're hearing great feedback from people already on how much they're enjoying using Aave