With augmented reality graffiti, the world is your canvas.

Arfiti is a new iOS Augmented Reality app. Digitally tag any surface — be it a wall, building or monument — with your personal images or pre-populated stickers and save it for others to discover.
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Hey Product Hunters 👋 📣 We are excited to share our new iOS app called Arfiti. Arfiti is a new Augmented Reality app that aims to blur the lines between our digital and physical worlds. Have you ever drawn on your desk or etched your name into a park bench? Arfiti combines the concept of graffiti with AR and allows you to leave things behind for those that follow in your footsteps. Created exclusively for the iPhone, arfiti leverages Augmented Reality to enable our fundamental desire to express ourselves and share ideas in a physical space. Arfiti allows you to... 👉 Create ✨ Add photos and stickers to your environment, saved for future visitors to discover ✨ Layer, rotate, and scale photos on walls and surfaces to leave a big impact ✨ Be creative and interact with your physical environment 👉 Discover ✨ Check the map to find other arfiti creations nearby ✨ Be active, go on a journey and hunt down unexpected creations ✨ Get inspired by others and play off of each other's creativity 👉 Socialize ✨ Give cred to creators when you find something you like ✨ Get notified when others discover your arfiti ✨ How many arfiti can you find? Daily push notifications and participation streaks encourage you to be active and journey throughout your community to leave behind and discover new expressions. Arfiti is available now for free in the App Store, and is compatible with iPhone 7 or newer running iOS 12 and newer.