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"We wanted flying cars. Somehow we ended up with scooters. Honestly, they are pretty fun. BUT ARE THEY IN NEW YORK? Mike and I had to deliver an answer to this growing concern. Let us know what other questions you'd like us to answer. Questions like: Is Bitcoin real? If so, why can't I touch it? And if you'd like to invest in our fund, Cool Kids Capital is always building and raising for the future of great products."
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@reggie_startups plz answer: what does the cloud look like? Does it float?
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@grlalx the cloud is actually flat and ephemeral, if by float you mean "stacks on other flat elements of the earth".... then yes
@grlalx @reggie_startups awesome! Mind if we post a review up on our site at
@reggie_startups This is awesome. Also one of the few websites I would happily give my email to so you can notify me when they are.
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it’s really cumbersome to use. Looks kiddisj


It’s makes u look young


Really cumbersome to use

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