A mini open-source game system you can program yourself 👾

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Like an open-source, affordable Gameboy. This arduino device was originally raised $433k on Kickstarter, now available to purchase at $49. Devices like this will inspire a large number of kids to learn to program and make games.
@rrhoover $49 for something that looks like it can easily be lost, or crushed by anyone with big hands is affordable?
@neurohacked a subjective word but for an all-in-one device you can program and play games on, it's not bad.
@rrhoover Nice project. One question, it has battery or must be always plugged into an USB?
@oandre it has a thin film battery good for several hours. I have one and think the quality is really good on the product.
@esbenhardenberg Oh, nice! I can imagine me playing pokemon or automating my house and "playing" with it :)
Awesome. Just bought one from the site. Thx
Wish someone makes Pokemon available on this. Welcome back childhood.
Saw this on Kickstarter– Really awesome project! Very cool holiday gift for anyone learning to tinker or program.
This is super, super sweet. I have seen projects like this before, but this got my attention because open source, I can keep it in my pocket, and you program for it. Absolutely love it!!! On my Christmas list..