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Hi all, I’m Stefanos, founder of Archmule, a straightforward social collaboration platform. After using different collaboration tools, my team and I realised that most of them are quite complicated and with limited social interactions. So we decided to go one step further by developing Archmule, which is simple, social and free. This way we try to encourage open collaboration between users around the world! We hope you will enjoy it and find it useful in your everyday life. This is just the beginning. More features are coming up. We would be happy to get your feedback!
Interesting idea. How does this differentiate itself from Trello? Suggest moving the 'Delete account' tab into the profile tab itself.
@tomflemming Thank you for the feedback and the support! The settings section will be redesigned from scratch soon. Currently we are mostly focusing on releasing updates with new features. What we do different from Trello: - Social interactivity between users. - Simplified universal management pattern, which means, ease of use and familiarity when switching from one project to another. - And one more feature that I can’t reveal at the moment, but I can say it will save tons of time for many of us!
"Our services are made available for personal and non-commercial use only." - ok, you have chosen the Freemium model? Can you leak some informations about the enterprise features you have on your roadmap? When do you plan to create revenue?
@llabball Hi Ingo, Thank you for your question. Archmule is free for everyone. So, you are correct; we have chosen the freemium model. The premium charges will be applied to big teams or demanding users, ONLY when they want to gain access to advanced reporting, multiple project overview, the ability to store bigger files (limit now 10MB/file) and more that I cannot share at the moment. So about the time of the revenue, it will be due soon. You can always contact me if you have more questions!
For me, if Trello is too complicated for someone, this person should not work with me. But I have to say that Im a poweruser. I think you are not clear enough about who your persona is. My 5 cents :)
@icipascal Your opinion is important to us. Lets say you are working on multiple projects with different teams, and each team decides to have a different board pattern. I would guess that you will spend quite some energy every time to adapt in each of one of them. Eventually, this makes it hard to keep up and understand what happens in each project. Maybe it is not hard for you, but it is for many others. As you say, not everyone is a poweruser, and sometimes you cannot really choose with whom you are going to work with. No? Archmule is made mainly for small teams, which don’t want complexity and want to be part of a collaboration community, share and get ideas for anything that matters to them. Give it a try and let me know ;)
Hi Stefanos, Interesting product, just started testing it. Is it possible to make it easier to move between projects? I was also initially expecting a dashboard per user, that provides a high level + sub granular view of all projects. It will be interesting to have a quick view of the various things that you are working on at once. I find it inefficient to have to move from project to project to make quick updates. Hope that is something you already have planned in your roadmap. Also, any plans on integrations with slack ? Let me know.
@yummysociety Hi Marieme, Thanks a lot for your feedback! Fun fact: A few hours ago we updated Archmule and it is now possible to integrate it with Slack, Hipchat and Flowdock! :) You can find this option on Edit (next to your project’s title) -> at more options (upper right corner). We indeed plan to do exactly what you are suggesting, easier switch between projects and a multiple project overview. Thanks again for your input.
@stfanost Fantastic! I am actually really liking the tool so far actually. I look forward to the new updates as well as integrating with team messaging tools. Great work!
@yummysociety I'm glad you like it! ☺️