An easy way to store your important documents

Have you ever wondered what happened to that invoice? And to that important document that you desperately need? Yes? You're in the right place! ArchiviCo is going to help you store all those documents that matter for you

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This looks nice @ceppo_il :) Can you tell us more about why you made this and the different use cases you see for the product?
Hi @amrith, I built ArchiviCo for a personal need. When I started working as a freelancer I felt the need to archive all my contracts and invoices in a safe place and, because I was not satisfied with other services, I created my app. ArchiviCo has many use cases. For example, my father uses it to keep track of all the income and expenses of the family and when he had to do the tax report he had all the information stored in ArchiviCo. It can also be useful when you have a small shop. It is a cloud archive built specifically for documents.