Modern dashboard template for bootstrap 4

ArchitectUI is a modern admin dashboard template built for ReactJS and jQuery Bootstrap 4 HTML.

It includes lots of components, elements and widgets so that developers don't waste time with the visual/design part.

We've launched a beautiful horizontal layout based on ArchitectUI, available here:

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6 Reviews5.0/5
Hello! This is Horia, one of the creators of ArchitectUI. We've worked a lot in the past couple of months on this theme to add as many features as needed so that it'll be a real help for anyone who'll use it. ArchitectUI comes in two versions, one powered by ReactJS complete with only ReactJS widgets & plugins and another one which is built with jQuery, HTML - which works with any server site language. Both versions are built on top of Bootstrap 4. All third party widgets and components adhere to the same stylesheets architecture, which makes the whole frontend more consistent, modular and scalable. Feedback and suggestions are always appreciated, it helps us build better products! Best regards, Horia
I think it looks amazing too! Note the website link should be to the main website not the demo. I had to figure out the website's url.
This looks stunning but there are some pretty bad visual bugs on the inverted blue variation. An example is the mailbox application, large white banner with light grey text at the top. Pagination links unreadable.